How do I Earn the award ?


Email us at the Diamond Jubilee Century of Service Challenge Award Program and we will send you a registration form and log book, it’s that easy…

Take The Challenge as outlined here and earn your place in Canadian History…

for a registration kit and to begin the Challenge contact


Jubilee Challenge Award

c/o The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Nova Scotia Division
5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1G6

THE CHALLENGE has two main components, Service and exploration and or Skills


Commemorate and Celebrate The spirit of service

The Challenge: Spend 40+ hours providing volunteer service to your Community.

Help make the world a better place – for everyone! Spend time improving your community – volunteer to help clean up a park, or highway, beach – or any public space!  If there is an opportunity to involve military personal or initiatives, please take it! This might be assisting veterans or volunteering, as a civilian, when events are happening in your community. For ideas and opportunities to volunteer, please contact the Award office.

The Award will be presented at one of four levels of achievement, based on the number of community service hours completed:

Bronze:          40 hours

Silver:          60 hours

Gold:              80 hours

Diamond:   100 hours


Commemorate and Celebrate…  The tradition of Monarchy

The Challenge: Complete a total of 60 hours of exploration and/or skill development.

You can explore the history of Monarchy – OR the society, history and culture of Nova Scotia – OR explore a new skill – OR complete a combination of these.


STEP 1: Pick an aspect of the Royal history– it can be a broad topic (for instance: Royal visits to Nova Scotia or Canada; the Monarchy in Modern Times, or throughout an era (such as WWII), or explore the life of a Royal Family Member whom you find inspiring.

STEP 2: Plan how you will explore your theme.

Then… explore your choice… how? This can be an overnight expedition centering on you theme; a series of daytrips (on foot, by bike, by boat, etc.) to Monuments, Museums, and /or Installations relating to the Monarchy; or it can be a purely mental exploration, using the Web, your local library, or people you know who have expertise in the area.

We would like to see a Log of your exploration…

Include things like:

– How you spent the 60 hours – what did you discover?

– If you traveled, where did you go?

– This can be presented anyway you like… a written Log; a PowerPoint/multimedia presentation; a poem; a scrapbook; a song…

Whatever other way that appeals to you…


Spend time learning something you don’t already know how to do. It can be anything… here’s your chance to try some-thing you always planned to – but just haven’t… Music? Sailing? Model building?  Navigation? It’s totally up to you! All  you need to do is  find something of interest to you, to work at it, and keep a record of the time spent – and your progress!


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